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We come to you! Whether it’s an individual’s or caregiver’s home, or a typically attended setting, such as a preschool or daycare, we work around your busy schedule and provide therapy in the natural environment.

Meraki Speech Therapy provides screenings, comprehensive evaluations, consultations with caregivers or other professionals who are working with the individual, parent training and weekly treatment sessions.

We provide in-home speech and language services specializing in the following areas:

Receptive language (comprehension)

Expressive language (use)


A motor speech disorder affecting the planning and production of intelligible speech

Social skills, speech and non-verbal communication

Communication methods supplementing or replacing speech

Difficulties related to the understanding and use of spoken and written language

Speech and language skills affected by the brain's inability to translate and process sounds

Increased effort with the continuity, smoothness and rate of speech

Difficulty with pragmatics and  social interactions, interpreting the meaning of verbal and nonverbal language

Certified through the Hanen Centre, we also provide parent training programs, to teach you, the caregiver, to take an active and effective role in helping your child succeed with their communication.


It Takes Two to Talk® 

More Than Words® 

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