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Meraki Speech Therapy prides itself on the devotion and passion of work that is put into every client.

See what some of them have said about their experiences.


"Shea Fitzgerald has positively impacted my family for the past 7 years. She started providing speech therapy to my daughter, Christine, who is diagnosed with severe autism. We never thought Christine would be able to communicate with us, but Shea really helped us understand how to talk to my daughter and what types of goals are beneficial for her everyday life. Shea was motivating, supportive, and dedicated to helping my daughter and my family. Today, Christine is able to talk about her favorite shopping places and movies with her three other siblings. Thank you, Shea, for all your efforts throughout these years.


We recommend families to reach out to Shea for speech therapy because she really cares about you and your child. She will definitely do her best to help your child improve their speech and language skills, which will help them succeed in the future."


- Le Kim T.

"Where to start, as there are so many wonderful words I can use to describe Shea Fitzgerald. But I will start by saying, “Shea has been an angel to my son Danny and our family.” We met Shea when my son was in 4th grade and she worked with him until the beginning of his senior year at high school. Shea is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and patient speech therapist. She also supported him cognitively and emotionally, and addressed his social skills. Danny always looked forward to his therapy time with Shea. She empowered us as parents, provided positive feedback and supported us through rough times. Shea is passionate and dedicated to her profession. I highly recommend her."

-Blanca Z.

Let me just begin by saying, Shea went above and beyond in exceeding all our expectations for our daughter Mia! She was simply phenomenal in every way! 


Mia began with Shea when she was 2 years old upon being diagnosed with a significant expressive language impairment. She would see her weekly for a period of about 4 years. During that time Shea was impressively patient and persistent with our little one even on Mia's most trying days and we cannot thank her enough for all she's done. She provided us with all the necessary information, follow up exercises to improve at home and did not hesitate to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns we had. Her honesty and passion to see our child succeed were her best attributes. She was fully invested in not only the process, but in our daughter. Her dedication to the process was something that even Mia noticed almost immediately to the point that she now misses seeing Shea regularly and even unto this day considers her a "best friend".


I strongly implore you to allow Shea the opportunity to invest into your child as she has invested into not only Mia, but our entire family. Shea is a wonderful teacher but even more so an invaluable human being. For as corny and staged as all this sounds, it's the truth in its entirety and we are forever grateful. 

- Adrian

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